Frequently asked questions


Do you do on-site installation?

Yes, we will deliver and install your new or refurbished equipment. This includes running cables and wires if necessary.

Do you offer financing, leasing or terms?

Yes, please contact us for more details!

Do you offer software licensing?

Yes, we offer licensing for Microsoft Products for Education, Google Apps for Education, Adobe, Absolute, and more!

Do you offer white glove services?

Yes, we offer several white glove services including custom image creation, deployment services, Chromebook enrollment, and Active Directory binding.

Do you offer warranty options?

Yes, we offer 1 and 3 year hardware warranty options for all refurbished computers.

Can I provide my own image for the computer I purchase?

Yes, we offer custom imaging solutions to ensure your systems are configured exactly the way you want them.

Do you offer other technology solutions?

Yes, we can provide solutions for all of your technology needs. This includes device storage/charging, projectors, document cameras, networking equipment, mounting hardware, etc.

Do you offer asset disposal services?

Yes, we can take care of all your technology needs. This includes deployment of new technology to removal and reporting on your end-of-life equipment.


What are the cheapest systems you have?

Desktop and Laptops start at $99.99. Browse Desktops and Laptops here!

How much is it to recycle a TV?

As of January 1st, 2020, we no longer recycle TVs.

Where is the product key located?

Laptop – underneath the battery | Desktop – Top back half of the tower.

If you need more assistance, check out this help page.

How do I become tax exempt with your company?

To be tax exempt you need to be a licensed reseller. You will need to provide us with your AZ5000 form filled out along with your resellers license.

Can you upgrade my systems to Windows 10?

Yes and we will provide you with a Microsoft authorized product key.

Do you do any desktop or laptop repairs?

Yes we do. The repair diagnosis is $45 – from there we can figure out what is going on with your unit and provide you the cost of repair.

Do you have any gaming systems?

Yes we do – we can custom build a desktop or laptop system.

Is my system worth upgrading or should I just purchase another?

We can absolutely provide you with this advice based on resell value of your unit and its age.

Do you carry Microsoft Office?

We do not – but there are a lot of free alternatives available.

Can you wipe my computer clean and reinstall the operating system?

Yes we do – the cost of this service is $95.

Do you have a virus removal service?

Yes we do – the cost of this service is $95.

How do you acquire your inventory?

Our inventory comes from businesses and large corporations all around country.

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