You Are Unique; Your Imaging Should Be, Too.

We understand buying technology for your organization can be a challenge, but setting them up can be a nightmare, especially if your staff is working remotely! We make the transition smooth. By providing you with a unit from your order ahead of time, you have the opportunity to customize and personalize that computer. We’ll take that unit, clone the software image and apply it across all of the computers in your order. That way, they are ready-to-go out of the box!

Our Approach

Your organization doesn't have time to worry about what happens after your new technology arrives, or how long it could take to "go live." At Revive IT, we are able to efficiently set up your new systems on site and ensure a successful installation. We have the tools and knowledge needed to make your setup as seamless as possible.

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Business Customer Features & Benefits



We provide 1 and 3 year warranties on all commercial purchases.



From consultation to deployment, we manage your technology purchase so you can use it faster!



Your organization can’t afford to stop running because of “hiccups.” We mirror the equipment you purchased, ensuring downtime is limited.