• Denise Konkol

5 Valentines Gifts That'll Have 'em Saying "Tech-Yeah!"

Updated: Feb 3

Tech answers for tradition

At first, a techie gift may not be the first thing when you think of love and hearts, but given the challenges of the past year, such gifts are becoming truly thoughtful and even personal. Tech is everywhere, and in every area of interest, so it stands to reason that you can treat someone special - especially yourself - with a gift to enhance the things they love.

Filling hearts (and rooms) with song -- and productivity (photo)

Home is now a workspace, and vice versa, so making it as comfortable, safe and productive has never been easier. A host of newer generation smart speakers from Apple, Amazon, and Google make customizing your home settings, room by room, even more effortless. Lights, locks and other household features can also be monitored and adjusted by the sound of your voice. Add one, or a bouquet of multiples, to enhance and connect your wireless devices and apps to follow your every command.

Couples that play together stay together

Gaming is hotter than ever, but it doesn’t just have to be epic battles, race tracks, and war zones. Pick the right one, and you both can learn teamwork, communication, and relying on each other. If you have a family, even the kids can learn those same skills without even

realizing it! Seek out games that are puzzle-based, require strategizing together as a team, or put you both on an adventurous journey. Online forums for similar games also allow singles to virtually and safely meet up with other players. Just a small sampling we found were Stardew, which promotes building relationships along with farming; DYO is also a great examples where you'll go further if you work together. For a bigger group, jump on a video call and play a round of your favorite board game virtually through game packages like the jackbox Party Pack.

Practically thoughtful (smart home)

Perhaps you’re not romantic, but your practicality can still make someone’s heart skip a beat. Gifts like laptops, monitors, or desktops can tell someone that you know they work hard and you want them to have the tools to make their job easier. For people who have been particularly anxious over the health situation, there’s a phone sanitizer that helps clean the dirtiest surface any of us ever come into contact with. And home devices like the Nest thermostat and Ring doorbells keep loved ones warm and secure.

Hobbies with an upgrade

Whether it’s golf, running, reading, sewing or cooking - there’s always a tech device that will enhance the experience of doing whatever it is that you love. Sewing machines that don’t need pedals, or that take a picture and make it a fabric reality; tech that monitors heart rate and breathing, or helps with a post-workout massage; or a host of gadgets to elevate the culinary expert in your life have a blast are not only helpful, they’re thoughtful.

So, it’s time to break tradition without breaking hearts. Tech isn’t in place of romance, it’s something that can go hand in hand with it. Go shopping, be creative and imagine their face when they open your gift and say, “Thank you - I can’t believe you thought of this!”

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