Our Services

Student Devices 

We have premier partnerships with Dell, Lenovo, HP and more; this allows us to provide your organization top tier, new technology at the best available price. If you’re looking for even better value, we can supply a full range of professionally refurbished, quality technology at a massive discount!

We would love to hear your story and help find the right solution that makes sense for your unique needs.

Admin Devices

We provide creative consultation to help fulfill your unique organizational needs and dreams! We recognize that every business is different and it takes thinking outside of the box to achieve some of the IT goals you may have. Our creative experts will explore all your possibilities and work closely with you to develop an attainable plan. Things that seem out of reach may be closer than you think.


We understand buying technology for your organization can be a challenge, but setting it up can be a nightmare! We make the transition smooth. By providing you with a unit from your order ahead of time, you have the opportunity to customize and personalize that computer. We’ll take that unit, clone the software image and apply it across all of the computers in your order. That way, they are ready to go out of the box!


Your budget demands might seem in contrast to the demands for keeping your students in stride with the need for technology to keep them competitive academically. Our options for leasing allow you to meet both, providing room in your budget and a bright future for your students!


Does your business have multiple locations? Not a problem! With our IT Asset delivery, we streamline the process so that the work is out of your hands. Our specialists will come to consult and deliver our services.

Warranty & Support

Whether you are purchasing refurbished or new computers, Revive IT offers 1- and 3-year warranties on the equipment you purchase to ensure your satisfaction and because we believe in the products and services we offer. Should anything go wrong, we have your back and will keep you operating efficiently in your organization!